Check your tyres are ready for some imminent Winter weather is Mobile Tyre Company’s latest advice.  In such circumstances, it is best to have a minimum of 3mm of tread across the whole width of the tyre. The minimum by law is 1.6mm but it is advisable to maintain more tread in adverse weather conditions such as mud, leaves, waterlogged road surfaces and snow and ice. This will give you better tyre road contact maintaining grip to an optimum and help keep you safe.

Check your tyres from the front and back of the vehicle so that you can see the insides of the tyre treads properly as this is often missed by viewing from the wheel face. Mobile tyre company see lots of badly worn tyres due to not looking and inspecting properly!

If large mileages are a priority and it is vital that you travel in bad conditions it may be worth considering fitting Winter tyres. These work at their optimum below 8 degrees C and are generally accepted as being well worth the initial investment. There are comparisons on the effect and difference of performance between both Summer and Winter tyres on the same vehicle on Youtube which show their potential advanced capability.  If you are going abroad skiing most European countries now enforce and stipulate mandatory fitment of Winter tyres.

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