‘Sumitomo’. You may not of heard the name but the company is in fact the 6th biggest tyre manufacturer in the world. They own several other brands including Falken which is also widely sold throughout the UK and also has an excellent top mid-range reputation.

We at Mobile Tyre Company sell a lot of Sumitomo tyres which are now easily our best-selling brand. For this reason we now hold a stock of all the most popular sizes so we can keep our customers on the move if required in an emergency.

There is not much wonder why the Sumitomo brand is selling so well really!

They are in fact often based on last years’ Falken brand tread pattern. Falken spend an awful lot of time and money in tyre research and development and the knock on effect is that the Sumitomo brand benefits from this enormously. Accordingly Sumitomo tyres are a very good mid-range brand too in having good Fuel, wet grip and noise ratings. But on top of this maybe the most important feature of Sumitomo tyres is that MTC can keep the purchase price very competitive indeed for the quality of the tyre compared to other mid-range brands. We have yet to see a customer move away from Sumitomo tyres once they have tried them out. We have also had feedback from customers getting in excess of 30000 miles use out of them. Admittedly this depends on how the customer drives (and uses their right foot!) as well as on which road surface is mainly driven on. Granite chippings for instance cuts tyres longevity compared to tarmac.

We at Mobile Tyre Company fully recommend the Sumitomo Brand and hope that many more customers will get to hear and benefit from them in the future.

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