All new cars have now been fitted with this mandatory system for over 10 years. Before this there was a cruder system but still very effective that worked off the ABS braking system. This monitored the circumference of the wheel and flagged up when the tyre was slack. But it did not monitor the actual pressures in the tyres and tell the driver constantly what the pressures in each tyre were.

The TPMS System went up another level and works brilliantly. A sensor inside the tyre connected to the valve sends a constant reading to the management System on the facia.

Unfortunately though these batteries do not last for ever, but they can be replaced by Mobile Tyre Company. A warning light on the dash will tell the driver when this system is not working and the vehicle will not pass the MOT if it is out of action and faulty.

Mobile Tyre Company holds stock of all TPMS sensors and can supply, fit and re programme the whole system using specialist equipment.

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