This is the time of year when damp, wet and extremely cold weather conditions affect battery performance and it is really tested to the full. This is especially so with frequent short trips where the power used to initially start the engine is not replaced and the battery is not powered up again sufficiently by the alternator due to lack of time the engine is running. This can really test a battery and can be exasperated too with the frequent use of headlights required to be on to be seen due in bad light conditions and of course the early nights this time of year. Ancillary use of heated windscreens, demisting fans and heated seats for instance also adds pressure on the system to recharge. Alternator age and fan belt tension can also affect the efficiency of the system. It can often be a slow running down process that ultimately kills the battery and leaves you stranded. Unfortunately, just a single cell within a battery can also simply fail at any time. Please bear all this in mind if your daily routine commute is short and try and give the vehicle a decent run as frequently as possible to avoid some of the potential problems.

Batteries do eventually need replacing however but there are no set rules on the longevity or lifespan. The quality of the battery comes into the equation ultimately but we see batteries failing with a fault occasionally within months and others that last for 10 years or more! There is absolutely no set principle.

Consequently, this is where Mobile Tyre Company comes in to help its customers especially this time of year when weak batteries finally give up the ghost.

Mobile Tyre Company also specialises in the replacement of batteries as well as tyres and can often supply and fit a battery on the same day, other commitments permitting.

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