Mobile Tyre Company is equipped to carry out safe puncture repairs to BSAU159 standards.

Please call Josh to arrange on 07733 883327.

We will endeavour to repair a puncture wherever possible to help our customers save money. We use a plug patch repair system that will last the lifetime of the tyre which seals both the route of the puncture through the tyre and the inner liner.

We do however usually bring a replacement tyre brand of our customers choice to either match up with the other tyre on the same axle or alternatively a budget, mid-range, premium brand to customers’ preference.

This allows the customer to get moving again straight away if the tyre cannot be repaired. Rest assured, we’ll only replace if absolutely necessary and we are more than happy to show you why. A replacement tyre can be returned if not required at no cost.

To give you an indication generally on average approximately 50% can be repaired as the below criteria must be met:

1.A puncture has occurred within the middle 75% of the tread of the tyre maybe repaired. This is by law to BSAU159F British Standard. The reason for this is because the patch has to be completely flat and not curved around the tyre sidewall for the repair patch system to work.
2.The puncture has a diameter or length of no more than ¼” or 6mm.
3.The entry angle of the puncturing object is such that it allows for the proper seating of the stem and patch.
4.There is no more than one repair in 1/3rd of the tyre and W, Z and Y speed rated tyres can be repaired a maximum of 3 times by law and preferable and advisable on other ratings.
5.There is no secondary damage including (But not exclusive to) sidewall damage due to impact, deterioration due to pressure under inflation, any splits or cuts to the inner liner caused by the puncturing object or bulging to either of the sidewalls.
6.And finally, the tyre is of a suitable condition in respect of perishing, age and remaining serviceable life tyre tread depth which will also be taken into consideration by Mobile Tyre Company’s experience as to whether it is economically viable to repair rather than replace.



Other out of the ordinary types of tyres to be taken into consideration:

1.Run flat tyres (Tyres denoted ROF, RFT, SSR and RSC etc..) Can be repaired with the above criteria taken into account.

2.Continenatal Conti-Seal tyres (Plus similar by different brands such as Hankook) These tyre types are self-repairing to a degree and have limitations. Due to the composition of the inner repair system our plug patch repair system is not compatible and so cannot be repaired.

3.Inner tube repairs. Mobile Tyre Company do not have the facilities to repair inner tubes. A normal repair would be carried out on the tyre with the above criteria taken into account. Please note that inner tubes should not be used in tubeless tyre tyres under any circumstances.

4.Tyre Sealants and Temporary Repair fluids. Where an emergency repair sealant has been used as a temporary ‘get me home’ option, our ability to repair the punctured tyre is severely compromised.

These products prevent a proper vulcanised seal from forming during the repair process and is not compatible with our plug patch repair system.